A yurt (ger, ger, kabitka, kharga) is a traditional dwelling of nomadic tribes from the regions of Central Asia and the Middle East, consisting of a light wooden structure and a felt mat. More

Manufacturer: Made in Mongolia Product code: C8

8,420 EUR
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Type of thermal insulation Availability Price Quantity
Red yurt ∅8m Sheep felt Upon request 8,420 EUR

The appearance of the yurt is different for different regions of Asia. The differences are both of a visual nature (paint color, decorative elements, etc.), as well as in the material used and production methods. In Mongolia, the most widespread is the yurt with a conical roof, for the Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Turkmen regions, the dome roof is used. Above all, in the areas to the east of Mongolia, one can encounter rich decoration with patterns characteristic of the given tribe.

Felt has an insulating function and consists of several layers on the structure, it is mostly made from sheep's wool and all available fur.

1x roof window frame (tono)
2x inner columns
1x door
5 x folding walls
81x roof bars
inner white fabric (decorative) 180g/m2
thermal insulation of your choice (geofilc or sheep felt 15 mm)
waterproof sheet over the entire surface of the yurt 250g/m2
outdoor white tarpaulin decorated with Mongolian ornaments - color of your choice (blue, red) in the form of an endless knot (tarpaulin) 490g/m2
covering sheet for the roof window + 4x fixing ropes
1x internal rope for fixing the walls around the perimeter
3x external rope for fastening the walls around the perimeter
4x cords to connect the walls
2x cord to connect the roof structure

Color Red
Type of thermal insulation Sheep felt
Wall height 1,75 m
The height of the yurt 2,85 m
The diameter of the roof window frame 1,7 m
The diameter of the yurt 8 m
The area of the yurt 50,2 m²
Storage area 5,8 m²
Storage volume 7,9 m³

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Creative solution

You can find yurts all over the world. Nowadays, it is not only traditional yurts, but also their modern variants. They are adapted to different climatic conditions in terms of design and material selection. We can really satisfy everyone.