1) What is the structure of the yurt made of?

The door, window frame and window frame supports are made of pine. Lattice walls and roof bars are made of larch. The lattice walls are connected using camel hide, and the ropes at the ends of the ceiling bars are made of horse hair.

2) What material are the sails made of?

inner decorative sheet - thin bleached canvas 180g/m2

waterproof tarpaulin - rucksack fabric with one-sided rubber coating 250g/m2

outdoor tarpaulin - impregnated cotton fabric with UV protection 490g/m2

3) I read on the Internet that the jury is moldy, is this true?

If the yurt is used incorrectly, this eventuality can happen. To minimize this risk, you need to pay attention to these things...

a) quality floor with insulation

b) quality sails

the yurts we sell are made of materials with higher durability requirements. For example, if a customer bought a yurt himself directly in Mongolia, he received a yurt with a basic version of the sails that are used in Mongolia. These sails have worse properties, are not impregnated and are used in the Mongolian climate. They serve more or less as decorative sails.

(the outdoor tarpaulin is made of durable, impregnated fabric with UV protection. The lifespan of the tarpaulin is 4-5 years.)

Our sails are made for use in Europe, where there is generally higher humidity and rainfall than in Mongolia.

Is it necessary to impregnate the sheet?

No, our sails are already impregnated.

Does the tarpaulin need to be re-impregnated every year?

It isn't. The life of the sail is 3-4 years. Considering the price of a new sail, which is, for example, CZK 10,800 for a 6m yurt, it is more advantageous to buy a new sail after the old one has worn out.

Is it possible to buy spare parts for the yurt?

Yes, we have all spare parts in stock.

Is it possible to buy a window on the side wall of the yurt?

Yes, we offer Eurostandard double-glazed windows. However, the window must be the height of the yurt wall, or it is possible to replace the full Mongolian door with a glass Eurostandard door for an additional fee.

Is it possible to glaze the roof window frame?

Yes, we supply domes in a fixed or opening version.

Basic maintenance

the yurt must be properly ventilated, especially when used in winter, and possibly even heated. At the same time, it is advisable to tighten the drawstrings as needed if they seem too loose. The kurta must remain taut. If cooking is done regularly in the yurt, it is advisable to ensure vapor ventilation to prevent moisture condensation.

Everyone can choose a yurt with us

You can find yurts all over the world. But that doesn't mean you should underestimate the selection. Are you more attracted to a traditional yurt or its modern variant? Will you need to adapt the material and construction to the climatic conditions of your chosen location? With our creative solutions, we can really satisfy everyone. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and together we will choose the most suitable yurt for you!

How will you use the yurt?

There are no limits to imagination! Not only does the yurt represent comfortable ecological living, which is an alternative to conventional buildings, but it also offers an original space for various business activities. You will definitely not come across a stylish cafe or tea room in the unique spaces of a yurt. Offering customers an interesting environment in a Mongolian yurt will certainly give you a significant competitive advantage.

Creative solution

You can find yurts all over the world. Nowadays, it is not only traditional yurts, but also their modern variants. They are adapted to different climatic conditions in terms of design and material selection. We can really satisfy everyone.