We set ourselves the goal of enabling people in the Czech Republic to use an original Mongolian yurt for their activities and to bring traditional yurts to the Czech market at the most favorable prices.

We import yurts directly from the cradle of their birth. We have our own workshop in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, where our yurts have been manufactured for over 20 years. Thanks to these years of experience, you can be sure that for your money you will get a traditional, original product that meets the highest quality requirements. Our yurts are hand-painted, but we can also offer you a version without surface treatment.

The production and sale of traditional Mongolian yurts allows us to fulfill our business and personal values, which include, in particular, an ecologically responsible approach to life.

Why do we do this?

In addition to the business goals with which the sale of our yurts is connected, we try to spread awareness about the benefits of Mongolian yurts and Mongolian culture, and give people the opportunity to participate in a responsible approach to living, spending free time, or running business activities. In this way, we keep a thousand-year-old tradition alive.

By producing and selling Mongolian yurts, we also significantly help local communities to improve their living standards.

We create for you

We offer yurts in sizes with a diameter of 5 - 12 m. We are able to adapt them in any way to your requirements. In our offer you will also find other items such as furniture, carpets or the famous Mongolian bow and many other things. We will also help you with ordering and transporting almost any goods from Mongolia to the Czech Republic. Send us an inquiry via the contact form, by email or call us directly. We look forward to you.

* Pole označená hvězdičkou jsou povinná

Everyone can choose a yurt with us

You can find yurts all over the world. But that doesn't mean you should underestimate the selection. Are you more attracted to a traditional yurt or its modern variant? Will you need to adapt the material and construction to the climatic conditions of your chosen location? With our creative solutions, we can really satisfy everyone. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and together we will choose the most suitable yurt for you!

How will you use the yurt?

There are no limits to imagination! Not only does the yurt represent comfortable ecological living, which is an alternative to conventional buildings, but it also offers an original space for various business activities. You will definitely not come across a stylish cafe or tea room in the unique spaces of a yurt. Offering customers an interesting environment in a Mongolian yurt will certainly give you a significant competitive advantage.

Creative solution

You can find yurts all over the world. Nowadays, it is not only traditional yurts, but also their modern variants. They are adapted to different climatic conditions in terms of design and material selection. We can really satisfy everyone.