Everyone can choose a yurt with us

You can find yurts all over the world. But that doesn't mean you should underestimate the selection. Are you more attracted to a traditional yurt or its modern variant? Will you need to adapt the material and construction to the climatic conditions of your chosen location? With our creative solutions, we can really satisfy everyone. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and together we will choose the most suitable yurt for you!

How will you use the yurt?

There are no limits to imagination! Not only does the yurt represent comfortable ecological living, which is an alternative to conventional buildings, but it also offers an original space for various business activities. You will definitely not come across a stylish cafe or tea room in the unique spaces of a yurt. Offering customers an interesting environment in a Mongolian yurt will certainly give you a significant competitive advantage.

Creative solution

You can find yurts all over the world. Nowadays, it is not only traditional yurts, but also their modern variants. They are adapted to different climatic conditions in terms of design and material selection. We can really satisfy everyone.

Yurts have been with us for millennia. We look for their origin in Central Asia. Asian nomads often changed the place of their activity. They needed houses that would reliably protect them from weather conditions. But at the same time, these houses had to be dismantled and easily moved. And that is why the yurt as we know it today gradually evolved from the original tents resembling an Indian tee-pee.

How to do it?

We will help you choose

Not sure how to choose the right yurt?
Let us know and we will definitely help you with the selection.

The offer is not enough for you?

Not a problem! Contact us and together we will come up with a custom-made yurt for you.

What about transportation?

You can pick up the yurt from our warehouse yourself, or use our services for transportation and we will be happy to bring the yurt to you.

Building a yurt

Don't know how to build? Nothing happens. We will build the yurt for you at the location of your choice.

What will the yurt stand on

But the building itself is not everything. The floor on which the yurt will stand is also a very important part of the yurt. We will provide this for you too!

Yurt maintenance

The yurt needs to be taken care of. But don't worry, we will help you with the entire service, so you don't have to worry about words like "impregnation".

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